Prevent Email Downtime and Data Loss with EMS Email Continuity

With MessageOne™ Email Management Services (EMS): Email Continuity, employees can always count on reliable, secure access to email. Whenever you have a planned or unplanned outage, EMS Email Continuity is quickly activated and enables users to send and receive email through their mobile devices, a web browser or Microsoft Outlook®.

EMS frees your staff from managing additional complex and redundant systems, yet you get all the benefits of highly-available email.  As email is sent and received within Exchange, a copy of each file is compressed, encrypted and transmitted to a disaster-recovery data center, where it is securely stored in an encrypted format. In the event of an outage, EMS: Email Continuity can be activated in less than 60 seconds. All users have full access to recent and incoming email, contacts and calendar entries. The tool’s mobile webmail can also be accessed on demand without installing an application ahead of time, and users are notified when the primary email system is reactivated.

EMS: Email Continuity also provides a nearly zero-maintenance solution without the risks of email downtime and data loss for a lower total cost of ownership.

EMS: Email Continuity offers:

  • Fast failover (“activation”), completely under your control — Ensure your users can continue to send and receive email while your staff focuses on recovering. With EMS: Email Continuity, your users have complete access to their email, calendars, contacts and distribution lists even during an outage.
  • Seamless mobile access — Get automated Outlook client failover via our customized plug-in so your users don’t even realize the switch. During a primary system outage, employees using BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iPad® and Android® devices can continue to send and receive messages using their mobile devices.
  • Automatic reconciliation — Reconcile all activity completed during an outage after the event is cleared up. This ensures your Exchange server is up to date with all sent and received email, with sent and received timestamps and read/unread status intact.
  • Intuitive Microsoft Outlook integration — Seamlessly switch Exchange Server and BES users to the backup email system upon activation, making outages virtually invisible. Even if the BES server or RIM network goes down, employees can still send and receive email via their Blackberry devices.
  • Complete data-loss prevention — Ensure 100 percent data-loss prevention in your Exchange environment with EMS Email Continuity. Unlike high-availability solutions based on replication, clustering, vaulting and log shipping, EMS: Email Continuity is not vulnerable to database corruption. If messages are ever lost or corrupted in the primary email system, you can easily locate the missing messages and quickly restore them back to Exchange.
  • High data continuity — Help administrators control costs by providing control over the amount of email history stored in user backups, ensuring high data continuity at the lowest-possible cost.
  • Enhanced security — Integrate EMS with your corporate authentication services in order to encrypt messages for transport and hosting.
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