Easy to Deploy Email Security that Blocks Spam Threats, Viruses and Unauthorized Content

MessageOne™ Email Management Services (EMS): Email Security can help keep your email free from security threats and unwanted content. Delivered from a global cloud platform, EMS: Email Security is easy to deploy and maintain, and scales to meet the needs of your organization. The tool does not require any upfront capital expenditure, and can be deployed in a matter of days with virtually no maintenance by your IT staff. We even handle all the software upgrades and maintenance chores so you don’t have to.

With EMS: Email Security, you can protect your organization from inbound and outbound spam, viruses and unwanted content using industry-leading architecture that combines multiple scanning engines, advanced perimeter defenses, multi-layered content and image filtering, and proprietary predictive detection technologies.

Over a thousand organizations and millions of users depend on EMS to protect and preserve their email capabilities — and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on premises solutions.

Dependable cloud-based security

EMS: Email Security offers the most effective security available, and is backed by a comprehensive SLA including 100 percent protection from email viruses and 99 percent spam capture, and 100 percent availability.

Advanced antivirus and antispam

With EMS: Email Security, you get complete protection from security threats and unwanted content using:

  • Malware, spam and targeted attack protection
  • Multilayer malware analysis
  • End user email notifications for quarantine management

Effective boundary encryption

Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol encryption ensures the complete confidentiality of email communications between your and designated partners’ networks.

Easy-to-use cloud-based administrative tools

With EMS: Email Security’s cloud-based administrative tools, you can easily manage role-based access, monitor dashboards and even customize reports. All you need to do is log in through a supported web browser.


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